The Persecution of the Norwegian Jews in WW II

About 770 persons who by the Germans were considered as Jews were deported from Norway to Germany, almost everybody to Auschwitz. Only 34 of these survived.

The majority of the survivors were between the age of 20 and 40. An additional 23 perished under war-related circumstances, executions and murder in Norway, some by suicide. The losses add up to about 35 % of the 2200 living in Norway at the time of the German invasion 9. April 1940. The names of the victims are to be found on the memorials erected by the two Jewish Communities in Norway at their cemeteries in Oslo and Trondheim. This booklet gives a detailed description of Norway's Holocaust. Included is also the part of the story pertaining to the rescue of the more than 1000 Jews to Sweden. This rescue happened through a critical phase in the war when the clandestine networks sustained greater pressure than any other period.